Thursday, September 14, 2006


Let me to begin with some unimportant things which are popularized by sponsored agencies through there selfish agendas. It was an old story from epics till modern literature, from the surface of land to the unknown space and from the childhood proverbs to the leaders who are using out their tongs at the maximum.

God, Religion and Human are the three most important thoughts worked as very thin and painful nails which has been hanged us to the Cross of belief. Belief in past, present and expecting future.
Then the question arises; who had created these?
It will be forced from ‘human’ to reach “God”, I am sure.
The creation might be done like this!
…. Human--> Religion --> God…

So, we got our license/ID to “hate” one.
So, we got our license/ID to “kill” one.
So, we got our license/ID to “eliminate” one.

Shame! We are the worshipers of “God” or “Evil”?

Leaving them all besides, now we can go for some naughty things!


I am sure that it is wrong,
Wrong, wrong and absolute wrong…!
What the poets says in loud
An ancient, dry and lean proverb
‘Oh… the birds are singing’.
They are far from their vicinity,
Far from life of divinity,
Despaired out of love and laugh,
They are in trap of memories.

They don’t look at human blood,
Don’t smell earthly fragrance ever.
They don’t care in look at mirror
It shows their negative figure.

They don’t think of sweat and soul
Purify through heavenly deeds.
Always stays in lightless stage
Acting like an idol buffoon!
How they then see truth of life.
(The allegory begins with sob always.)

Where are poets wandering for?
Cool shadows are never ever seen.
Media focuses excavations,
Subjects hide under the *poles.

I am sure that it is right,
Right, right and absolute right…!
What the poets don’t says loud
‘Oh… the birds are sobbing souls
For the sake of livelihood,
For flowers and green surrounds
Even for disgraced poor men’.

Although birds, wind and flowers
Sobbing in a deep harmony
Written with their blood always
While colorless blood around.
(The allegory ends with sob always.)

At last the poets says much loud,
Words filled with pain and roar,
‘Neither have we had hate and desire,
Look against the leaned ones,
We found our religion colorless,
We can not go again for war,
Will create the world for all’.

* Poles = North and South Poles


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